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PNG Police Minister Kramer urged to investigate misuse of Manam Resettlement Funds

Papua New Guinea Police Minister Bryan Kramer has been called on to investigate allegations of misuse of funds allocated for the Manam Resettlement exercise.

Bogia MP Robert Naguri made the call in Parliament this morning, alleging that up to K6 million allocated towards this cause in April this year was removed from the Madang Provincial Treasury Account and transferred to the Ramu Development Foundation Limited - an entity set up by the Provincial Government to oversee major projects in the province.

Mr Naguri says a complaint was laid with the Fraud Office in Madang but was allegedly stopped by the Acting Madang Provincial Police Commander.

"Mr Paul Akuram who is the man in charge for the resettlement authority on the ground as project manager laid the complaint together with some leaders of Manam Island.

"OIC CID in Madang started the preliminary investigation but just a few days into the investigation the acting provincial police commander wrote a letter to stop this investigation.

"I would like the Police Minister to investigate this. And if he's aware of this, and as the local member for Madang, I would like to ask him what is he going to do in regards to the actions of the PPC in relation to this investigations which he stopped."

In response, Minister Kramer says Mr Naguri can make a complaint to his office for him to follow up with the Police Commissioner.

"You now as the Member for Bogia write a letter to my office as Minister of Police and then I can instruct or request a meeting with the Commissioner and ask him what he would do in relation to this issue.

"He can then provide a response to me so that I can see that he is carrying out his functions provided under Section 197 of the Constitution."

NBC News/ PNG Today

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