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Prime Minister Marape to address the Nation this week

Prime Minister James Marape is adamant of transforming Papua New Guinea into a what he has termed as, "richest black Christian nation"within the next decade.

Marape acknowledge in a facebook post that he has made a huge commitment and he intends to make this a reality.

The Prime Minister is anticipated to spell out clearly as to how his government intends to do this when he delivers an expected state of nation address to the country which will be broadcast on radio and television mid this week.

Amongst many issues, Mr Marape is banking on PNG's natural resources to drive this initiative.

The Prime Minister has also made it clear that National Procurement Commission will be polished up to ensure that contracts under ten million kina are strictly for citizen and local companies and contracts above that threshold to have local partnership involvement also.

Mr Marape said for the local Small to Medium Enterprises and contractors, there will be a special incentive plan, given that they tidy their company books, pay honest tax and if they want to go the next phase of their business, the Government will inject very soft term loans possibly 5% repayment rate over a 40 year period.

Date and timing of the Nation Wide Address event is yet to be confirm from the Prime Minister's Office.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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