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Talent, Experience and Knowledge Key to upcoming PNG Cabinet Ministers Appointments

By: Josu Kim /FM100

Upcoming Cabinet Ministers in the newly formed government will be appointed through their talents, experiences and knowledge of the different sectors they are to be given.

Prime Minister James Marape revealed this today at the swearing in of the Caretaker Cabinet Ministers at the Government House.

"In my view, we need to expose talents and we also need experience in various sectors, including ministers who not only occupy a designation, but more importantly, know the sector they are responsible for and contribute towards fulfilling their mandate and the intentions of the greater coalition that we represent as ministers," said Prime Minister Marape.

"It is the intention of the group of leaders here, I am not the only or final and sole authority here, we are a government that will be consultative where the consensus will dictate as to how we will put the structure of the government together."

Prime Minister Marape added that at this time, he is trying to make sure there is equally shared distribution of Ministerial portfolios within the coalition government.

"We will expedite on the process of appointment in due due course as I am in the business of trying to ascertain what amount of talents we have in our government ranks."

"In the name of equal and fair distribution to all regions of our country, to all the the political parties that are in the coalition mix, hopefully we can find the distribution formula corrected as early as possible and sometimes mid or if not late next week, we will have the announcement of the full cabinet," said Prime Minister Marape.

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