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Australia remains PNG's Number one partner

PNG Prime Minister James Marape says the country’s long-standing relationship with Australia going forward will be one of equal-partnership.

The Prime Minister returned to the country this afternoon, following an official week-long visit to Australia.

PNG PM Marape. Photo : PM Media
Upon arrival the PM told the press that his visit was to make it known to Australia that PNG is moving on from being an aid-dependent partner to one that can grow to also assist other Pacific Island economies.

“Ten years from now, we (PNG) do not intend to get aid from you (Australia) but we want to be a partner in dispensing aid to less fortunate nations in the Pacific,” said Marape.

His visit saw him holding talks with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on improving trade-relations, creating reciprocal investment opportunities, addressing climate change and others.

The Prime Minister says while the discussions have been fruitful, each matter will be taken up by respective Ministers for continued dialogue and fine tuning before set outcomes can be achieved.

A detailed report on the discussed agendas will be released by the Prime Minister's Office in the coming days.

FM100/PNG Today

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