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Mother and Children amongst 8 missing at Madang Waters

Sumkar MP Chris Yer Nangoi is urging small boat operators from Karkar and Bagabag Islands to take extra precautions when travelling by sea during this time of bad weather.

Mr. Nangoi whose people depend on sea transportation to travel to town made the call after eight people went missing at sea between the waters of Madang town, Karkar and Bagabag islands after their boat capsized on Friday morning.

According to reports from the captain of the Biabi Enterprise owned MV Biabi Morgan Lawrence, they've received word of the boat mishap while sailing to Madang town but could not do anything as the incident occurred in the waters between Karkar and Bagabag islands and not within their travel part.

Sumkar MP Chris Yer Nangoi says during such weather, it is likely and it usually happens around the area where small boats either capsize or go missing with numerous reports making news headlines.

He urged operators travelling by sea in boats during this time to stop and assess the weather before going out to sea.

Nangoi says it's common sense that people must value their lives and not risk themselves by travelling to and from Madang town while knowing that it's likely for accidents to happen during this weather.

Upon receiving reports from his District officials yesterday evening, he says eleven people including a mother and her nine month old baby have been part of the tragedy and whilst only three have made it to the shores of Karkar Island at Ngor village, the other eight including the mother and child are still missing.

Mr. Nangoi has directed his officials and a search party on Karkar Island to use the new police boat based at Taur police station and also other boats to assist with the search of the missing eight.

The local MP for Sumkar electorate was also supposed to travel to Karkar Island but had to postpone his trip by boat and will be travelling to the Island by ship.

FM100/ PNG Today

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