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PNG National Housing Commission's debts over K100 million : Tkatchenko

"The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has a liability of more than K100 million accumulated over many years,' the Housing and Urbanisation Minister Justin Tkatchenko said.

"Tkatchenko said that all the liabilities were allegedly from dodgy deals.

“All these liabilities will be fully investigated, audited and hopefully found false and so not entertain them at all,” he said.

“For NHC, we will be doing a complete staff restructure.

“At the moment, we have got 300-plus staff throughout the country.

“With the new staff restructure, we will cut it down to fewer than a 100 over the coming months.”

Tkatchenko said he would go through the Public Services Commission and the Department of Public Services to do the restructure to get a more productive and conclusive staff to operate the NHC in a professional and robust manner.

“Gone are the days of looking after political supporters and wantoks in the system.
“We will remove all of that in the system to ensure that we have a NHC that works for the benefit of the people of PNG and that is streamlining for productivity and output.

“I am not here to be a friend or a buddy to anybody; I’m here to do a job.”
Tkatchenko said Prime Minister James Marape had given him the task of cleaning up NHC.

“Over the years of corruption and mismanagement, I can go into NHC knowing nobody is doing my job without fear or favour.

“I have also instructed that all security companies, hire cars and casual employees cease immediately.”
Tkatchenko said acting managing director Elizabeth Bowada had terminated more than 60 casual staff last week.

“We can no longer tolerate the misuse and abuse of these privileges and we have already started to address that.

“My biggest challenge now is the liabilities of NHC.

“I can’t believe the rots and the mismanagement of having nearly a K100mil in liabilities that have never been addressed by management and previous governments.

“It will be my task to clear all the liabilities and that everybody is accountable and proper financial processes are put in place to stop the leakages of money, rots and corruption.

“I appeal to all Papua New Guineans that have issues with NHC staff, my doors are open to their complaints and allegations of misuse and malpractice that has been going on in there.”

(Hon. Justin Tkatchenko, Minister for Housing)

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