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New look Interim Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Hierarchy

PNG Acting Police Commissioner, Francis Tokura, says he will provide the leadership required to address law and order issues around the country.

Mr Tokura's appointment will be for a period of three months until the National Executive Council makes a permanent appointment.

"This is only an acting appointment during which time the process will be initiated for the substantive appointment, for the Commissioner and deputy positions.

"However, I intend to do my leveled best. Im pretty sure my two acting deputies would be also thinking the same during this time.

"Any queries regarding the process should be directed to the appointing authority.

"I think has been made plain by the Minister."

Mr Tokura, says he will maintain his input in the Bougainville Police Service and the Bougainville Referendum, with his initial appointment as the Chief of Bougainville Police.

Mr Tokura says he is aware of former commissioner Gary Baki's intention to challenge the National Executive Council on its appointment process, saying that is his right to do so.

He further says he will ensure the force is stable and continues to carry out its Constitutional duties to protect lives and properties and maintain law and order.

"I will ensure there is good governance, accountability, transparency and fairness at all levels and ensure we deliver due diligence in the discharge of our duties as individuals police officers and collectively as the Constabulary.

"I will also ensure reforms and initiatives started by the former management will continue."

One of these initiative is the Policing the Police Task Force introduced in the National Capital District by his predecessor.

Mr Tokura says he believes the task force is one way of bringing back the trust of the people on the Constabulary.

"I will be sitting down with the two deputies and all the assistant commissioners and see a way forward on this initiative.

"We will also see how we can introduce it (task force) in other centres of the country.

"The honest truth is that the police force has lost the trust and confidence of the people of Papua New Guinea. And the job that is being done by this particular unit is something we have to seriously look at and to improve on how we can progress this to bring the level of disciplinary issues to a manageable level."

Acting Police Commissioner Tokura also vowed to bring the killers in Hela Province to face justice.

David Manning and Joanne Clarkson have also been appointed Acting Deputy Commissioners Operations and Administration respectively.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer announced this saying normalcy should now be restored in the force.

"So the decision behind my submission to the National Executive Council to support the appointment of Francis Tokura, David Manning and Joanne Clarkson was to establish the most neutral, qualified people to hold an acting position to afford the opportunity to come down and look at the command where they would each be afforded an opportunity to apply for the substantive position.

"Unfortunately when I became minister, all three positions from the commissioner down to his two deputies had expired by operation of law under the Police Act, not by decision of myself as minister or decision by the NEC."

NBC News/PNG Today

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