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PNG Hunters players included to defend 9s title at Samoa 2019 Pacific Games

The PNG Rugby League 9s Men’s and Women’s Teams to the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa have been finalised.

PNGRFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka said the 15 Men’s and Women’s players were selected from an original train on squad of 25 after intense training over the past three months. The men's team will defend the title they won during the 2015 Pacific games in Port Moresby, PNG. The 15 players (in alphabetical order) and officials are:


1. Maya Clarke

2. Sailas Gahuna 

3. Jah Hogen

4. Rex Kaupa

5. Joel Kee

6. Eliakim Lukara

7. Moses Okapila

8. Mega Pali

9. Bill Paul

10. Solomon Pokare

11. John Ragi Jnr

12. Abel Rambi

13. John Stanley

14. Sani Wabo

15. Messech Wallen

Coach: Leonard Tarum 

Manager: Ronnie Titie Jnr

Trainer: Joe Bruno


1. Elsie Albert

2. Catherine Anjo

3. Heather Ario

4. Lynel Aua

5. Carol Francis

6. Shirley Joe

7. Janet Johns

8. Roswita Kapo

9. Joan Kuman

10. Lancy Laki

11. Lydia Luke

12. Ray Rambi

13. Winnie Steven

14. Joyce Waula

15. Vero Waula

Coach: Bagelo Solien

Manager: Ruth Turia

Trainer: Dela Audama

Captains will be named over the weekend after the teams arrive in Samoa. Tsaka said the Men’s 9s will be defending the Gold Medal won at the 2015 Pacific Games in PNG defeating Samoa 38-10 while this will be the first ever Women’s Rugby League 9s event at a Pacific Games.

Nations taking part in the Men’s competition are: PNG, Tonga, Samoa, Tokelau, Cook Islands, Fiji and Solomon Islands. The women’s 9s will see PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Niue and Cook Islands battle it out for the Pacific Golden Team title.

Both teams are currently in camp in Port Moresby. They leave for Samoa on Friday July 5, 2019. The RL 9s competitions will be held on Monday July 8 and Tuesday July 9 and will be televised throughout PNG. They return on Sunday July 14, 2019.

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