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PNG Mt Ulawun and Manam Volcanoes updates

The volcanic eruption at Mt. Ulawun is considered over by the Rabaul Volcano Observatory.

According to the Volcano Information Bulletin from the Department of the Mineral Policy and GeoHazards Management, the volcano has remained quiet for days.

However, the Rabaul Volcano Observatory will continue to monitor the volcanic activity and will advise on any changes that may occur.

Information from the Bulletin shows that the eruption deposited a significant amount of ash on the upper slopes of the volcano and to a lesser extent downwind areas.

During heavy rain, the ash deposit could develop into mudflow's which could become hazardous in low lying areas and people must be aware of these.

Meantime, according to RVO's latest Volcano Information Bulletin on Manam Volcano in Madang Province, the higher than normal background seismicity suggests the Manam system is still dynamic and volatile and therefore the potential for further eruptive activity in the future is possible.

Since the eruption on the 28th, the main crater activity has been low marked by emissions of variable amounts of white vapor but occasionally thick dark grey emissions are seen emitted.

RVO has advised people to avoid venturing or doing activities in the four main valleys and the probability for mudflow generation from the ash and scoria deposits by heavy rains is high so people should remain alert during these times.

RVO will continue to monitor the activity and provide updates.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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