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PNG Inter-Government Relations Minister Niningi raises concerns over LLG Elections

An alleged serious breach of country's rule of law has been raised with the office of the Minister of Inter-Government Relations in relations to the swearing-in and election of LLG heads.

Inter-Government Relations Minister, Pila Niningi in a statement yesterday said he has received reports that former LLG leaders are attempting to hijack the process by forcing themselves to be sworn in as members of the LLG.

Minister Nininga did not specify which part of the country this was happening, but he described this as a total disregard for the rule of law and the election process in the country.

He said the people have spoken through the election process and the former LLG leaders should respect the peoples' decisions.

Minister Niningi also warned that he will not hesitate to refer perpetrators to relevant law enforcement agencies, like the police to be dealt with.

Meantime, District Administrators as the official Chief Executive officers to the LLG Assembly or their delegates are responsible for schedule, call and preside over the Inaugural LLG assembly meetings.

Inter-Government Relations Minister, Pila Niningi made this clarification, adding that no other persons besides them should call and conduct the first meeting.

Minister Niningi in a statement reminded the district administrators or their delegates to be diligent in the execution of their duties as required by law.

He said only the duly elected members of the LLG as confirmed by the Electoral Commission should be listed to for the first meeting and be sworn in as per the writs signed by the winning ward members.

Minister Niningi said any government official found tampering with any established processes by inserting names apart from those duly elected by voters is illegal and will be dealt with accordingly.


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