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PNG PM Marape arrives in Tuvalu for Pacific Islands Forum

Papua New Guinea  Prime Minister,James Marape has arrived in Funafuti, Tuvalu for the 50th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meeting with the theme “Securing Our Future in the Pacific” that commences from 13 to the 16 of August 2019.

This will be PM Marape’s first PIF meeting since taking office and he would be stressing more on climate change and labour mobility to strengthen regional employment schemes in the long-term and he would also be vocal about how Pacific Islands could work together to address these issues.

“We are part of this Pacific family of nation, our shared issues like climate change, sea level rising, climate change refugees, marine border protection from resource theft, trans border crimes, plus trade and economic corporations in a world of bigger nation’s power play requires collective voice in the 18 nation hence, our attendance is required,” said Mr Marape.

Arriving at Funafuti this morning, the Prime Minister was emotional seeing young children from Tuvalu demonstrating what their future will be like - 'under water' if countries do no act swiftly to address climate change.

Agendas to be discussed in the meeting includes:

i. 2050 Strategic for the Blue Pacific
ii. Regional Priorities
iii. Strengthening Arrangements for Regionalism

Prime Minister Marape will be emphasizing Papua New Guinea’s position on each of the agendas and would be more vocal about climate change matters as well as marine border protection in the context of marine resources protection.

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