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PNG Police Minister Kramer to Seek Assistance from Australia

Papua New Guinea Police Minister, Bryan Kramer, says he will be reaching out to the Australian Federal Police for assistance in restructuring PNG's fraud squad.

The AFP has long-running links with PNG police, and minister Kramer wants that to extend to PNG's beleaguered police anti-fraud unit.

Mr Kramer says in recent years, the fraud squad has been under-resourced and undermined in its ability to probe high-level corruption.

But speaking on FM100 talkback radio, Mr Kramer said the new government of James Marape has fresh resolve to fight corruption.

"...having discussions with the AFP to see if they can come and improve the systems within fraud (unit).

"My job is to clear the roadblocks so they (police fraud) can do their job.

"That will ensure they sit down and put in place some strict measures on their practice and protocols and procedures in carrying out their duties, because if they don't follow the process, then their arrest and/or charges they make will be thrown out of court."


The Acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Operations, David Manning says crime and corruption must be reduced significantly to help take back PNG.

In a statement, Mr Manning says this is exactly what the police management intends to do.

He says the constabulary will adopt a result-driven approach where every officer is expected to arrest, charge and successfully convict offenders who come in conflict with the law.

Mr Manning says the basic fundamental roles and responsibilities of a police officer is to arrest, charge, prosecute and convict felons, but this has not been happening because of many attributing factors.

He says the performance of every police officer will now come under the radar of the Royal PNG Constabulary executive management to ensure the rate of arrest, prosecution and conviction increases throughout the country.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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