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Prime Minister Marape calls for Inquiry into EMTV Head Termination

PNG Prime Minister James Marape has called for a full inquiry into the termination of EMTV’s News and Current Affairs Manager Neville Choi on Monday 19th August.

Mr. Marape says he has instructed the Communications Minister Rainbo Paita to check into this matter and brief him.
He says if allegations against Mr. Choi are not true, he must be reinstated immediately.

“If there’s any element of him being sacked unnecessarily then I’ve asked for him to be restored but if it is truly a disciplinary matter that qualifies in every sense as a disciplinary matter then that’s something beyond my control.

“But if it’s just petty work related issues in between the contest of jobs, Neville from a distance I’ve seen as a fine young Papua New Guinean man who continues to use the media profession and he’s confidently solid and I have no element of doubt in his ability,” Mr. Marape said.

The recent termination of Mr. Choi following allegations of ‘insubordination’ has been met with much criticism and resentment.

Apart from the strong support and calls for his reinstatement both in the region and internationally, Mr. Choi received strong backing from the EMTV news team with Acting Head of News and Current Affairs Meriba Tulo issuing a statement soon after, describing the termination as ‘wrong and in direct challenge to the media code of ethics.’

For the first time in years, the EMTV news was replayed yesterday with staff protesting Mr. Choi’s termination.

Meantime, the Pacific Islands News Agency (PINA), has urged all parties involved in the reported termination of EMTV News and Current Affairs Manager Neville Choi to quickly meet to resolve the matter.

PINA President and National Broadcasting Corporation Managing Director Kora Nou said that he has personally spoken to all the parties separately, and wants them to quickly meet to resolve the matter, which he has volunteered to Chair as well.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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