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Secretary is appointed by NEC, says PNG Health Minister Kapavore

The appointment of any departmental secretary is decided by the National Executive Council and endorsed by the Head of State- the Governor General.

Papua New Guinea Health Minister Elias Kapavore made these remarks when responding to questions about the calls by the National Doctors Association to have the Health Secretary Pascoe Kase removed following allegations of mismanagement by the Association.

Mr. Kapavore says this is to avoid setting a bad precedent, whereby any time disgruntled employees wanted to remove departmental heads they would resort to such strike actions.

He says he is also yet to receive any petition from NDA and will be sitting with them in a round-table to discuss this issue.

"The fact is I have not received any formal petition from them so we are not aware of what their requests are.

"At the moment, we are just waiting for their petition so that we can respond specifically to what they are requesting.

"We understand there are many issues and challenges raised by the doctors, the NDA- we are requesting them to have a meeting with us to discuss issues openly and see how we can find some solutions to some of these issues," Mr. Kapavore said.

The NDA is expected to present their petition to the Government tomorrow -Thursday 14th August demanding the removal of Secretary Kase.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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