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UBS Loan Inquiry Tentative Dates set

A tentative schedule has been drawn up for the royal commission of inquiry into the 2014 UBS loan acquired by  Papua New Guinea Government.

Chief Commissioner and former Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia announced the schedule in an issued media release.

The Government has set a three-month period for the Commission to conduct the inquiry with Monday September 02 marked as the starting date.

The commission will use this time onward until August 30 to have all administrative requirements in place for the inquiry to commence on the set date.

The COI will be hosted on the first floor, Muruk Haus, Kumul Avenue – Central Government Offices in Port Moresby and such other venues and places as determined by the commission from time-to-time.

A budget of 4 million kina has been approved by the Government for the COI process.

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