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PNG to have a Cancer Specialist

The Cancer unit at Papua New Guinea's Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae, Morobe Province should have a cancer specialist by the end of next month.

This after three years without a specialist.

Health Minister Elias Kapavore told NBC News that over one million kina is required to engage this specialist from India, and that money is already available.

Mr. Kapavore says it is a priority of the Department and the Government and so the Department of Personnel Management is working on the Specialist’s Terms of Reference for employment.

"We are working with the Department of Personnel Management, they will assist us with a Terms of Reference (TOR) and non-citizen's contract so we are now in the final stages of that particular agreement for this person to come in.

"He's already identified and he's coming as soon as we have this agreement in place by DPM, Mr.Kapavore added.

Meantime, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase says certain regulations are yet to be fulfilled to enable the import of a cancer machine into the country.

He says this is despite having the Radiation Safety and Control Bill of 2018 in place.

Mr. Kase says they have engaged an Australian lawyer to help speed up this process and should have this sorted within the next two months.

NBC News/ PNG Today  Photo credit : ANGAU General Hospital

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