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PNG Governor to address United Nations climate Action Summit in New York

In New York City this week, along with the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders have been summoned to participate in the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

An initiative of the United Nation’s Secretary General, the Summit seeks to highlight subnational mobilization, progress and action and to discuss areas for alignment, collaboration, investment to accelerate and support ambitious climate action.

Papua New Guinea's Port Moresby Governor Parkop was invited by Mr. Luis Alfonso de Alba, Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General to speak at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York City on September 21 and 22. He will share his experience from Port Moresby and underline the critical issues that Small Island Developing Nations, such as Papua New Guinea face with respect to climate change.

Governor Parkop will speak to the General Assembly as part of the “Local Leadership for Climate: Solutions to the Climate Emergency” sessions on the “Infrastructure, Cities, and Local Action (ICLA) Coalition and Nature Based Solutions”

While the Paris Agreement was agreed upon by nations, science shows that action by the world’s cities and local governments are critical to keep global warming from raising above climate safe limits.

Cooperation among all levels of government is imperative to advance the technology, public policy, knowledge and capacity at the scale and speed necessary to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

Bringing mayors, governor’s and local leaders together with ministers and national government representatives,
Governor Parkop will join dignitaries from around the world and share his vision for Port Moresby in a moderated panel discussion with local leaders, international experts and civil society representatives.

Governor Parkop will also offer the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) government’s support for a cooperative initiative on ‘Building the Climate Resilience of the Urban Poor’ that the UN-Habitat is leading.

Governor Parkop said: “In Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, the urban poor are disproportionately harmed by natural disasters such as floods; poor access to basic services like clean, potable water; poor solid and liquid waste management systems; food scarcity and diminishing fish and sea food stocks; and recurring smaller-scale events like plastic pollution.”

By speaking at this event and meeting with other world leaders, Governor Parkop hopes to bring attention to his Million Trees campaign in Port Moresby, to galvanise support, funding and to share with the world, what Port Moresby is doing to make a difference; planting trees, creating green clean spaces, cleaning up the plastics from the streets and oceans and supporting the National Government and the Minister for Environment for a total ban of single use plastic in the city.

Governor Parkop stated: “As an elected member of Parliament, and as the Governor of our capital city, I take the issue of climate change most seriously. What we do today will be harvested by our next generation. They shouldn’t be beneficiaries of our lack of action and we are responsible not only for today but also for the future”.

“Our nation is an important voice at the table. While the forests of the Amazon burn, so too are our forests threatened.” said Governor Parkop “I will use this opportunity, not only to share our challenges and the actions we are taking to mitigate them, but also to meet and learn from other leaders, and bring home these learnings to inspire the Governors of other districts in our country to join me and follow suit.”

Governor Parkop will also meet with mayors from around the world as he joins the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy launched by the former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

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