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Selling of Counterfeit flags during Independence Week must Stop

The selling of counterfeit national and provincial flags on the streets during Independence is a common sight and must be stopped.

A patriotic entrepreneur from Goroka Florence Jaukae, who is also director of the Goroka Bilum Festival says many Papua New Guineans turn to ignore the matter which has been ongoing in the past Independence celebrations.

Jaukae described the selling of counterfeit flags on the streets as an eye sore and must be stopped immediately.

She says many of these counterfeit flags are sold and distributed by Chinese shops in the country and are also made in China and not PNG.

She says it doesn’t make sense for foreign countries to manufacture a symbol that carries the identity of Papua New Guineans and then to bring back and sell to people in PNG.

Jaukae is urging relevant authorities to look into the issue and ban the sale of counterfeit flags because it is embarrassing for patriotic Papua New Guineans.

She says it’s easy to tell if the flags are fake because sometimes these Chinese manufacturers fail to get the colors of provincial flags correct. FM100/PNG Today

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