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Stop Blame Game, Namah tells Govt

Papua New Guiena Opposition leader Belden Namah has called on the government of Prime Minister James Marape to stop the blame game on the current state of the economy.
Mr Namah said Mr Marape, Patrick Pruaitch and Charles Abel were senior economic ministers in the O’Neill government for over 7 years.
“I just want to remind our citizens that this is the same person who was with Peter O’Neill seven years back, he was one of the more senior economic ministers, he held the Ministry for Finance for 7 consecutive years, I don’t know who is he blaming,” he said.
“He should be one of the people held responsible for the current state of our economy, he is one of the senior economic ministers, lest we forget, so who are we blaming?”
Mr Namah said the Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey said the economy was badly managed so the question is who badly managed the economy.
“If the Treasurer says they have badly managed the economy of our country, they are all there, Charles Abel, Patrick Pruaitch, two people who were Treasurers in the last 7-8 years and James Marape,” he said.
“So why are all of them not saying anything when Ian Ling-Stuckey raises the issues that our economy is badly managed, who are we going to blame.
“The Prime Minister was there before and if he did not agree, he should have answers by now to rescue the economy.
“Peter O’Neill was there but those line Ministers are equally responsible for the current state of the economy, they cannot blame nobody and James Marape is one of them.”
Mr Namah said the government under Mr Marape still does not have an answer to give to this country.
“It’s over 100 days now, and he only came up with a manifesto. So you have no policies, you have no statistics, you have data,” he said.
“In history two world leaders announced manifestos on the national day, he is now the third world leader to announce manifesto on the national day, the first two world leaders were Stalin and Hitler, you know what they did, when they announce their manifesto on the national day, they destroyed their country and destroyed themselves.
“You should be coming out with coherent development strategies and policies to develop you country. We want real stuff, where are the money for our hospitals, for our schools, how are we going to build our road infrastructure to connect the whole country, we want real stuff, not some rhetoric.
“Let me put the Prime Minister on notice that if he thinks his going to have an easy ride, he can think again, not with this small and little team in opposition that I lead.”

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