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West Papuans die in Protest

Between thirteen to fourteen West Papuans have lost their lives due to the recent protests for self-determination across their country.

The demonstrations which were sparked after Indonesian military and police called West Papuan students 'monkeys' has since escalated with locals coming out in several regencies of Jayapura Wamena and Deiyai among others in protest.

Chairman of the Free Papua Movement Jeffrey Bomay told NBC News, it is has become an 'emergency situation' as the protests continue with the Indonesian Government also blocking internet access for everyone.

Mr. Bomay says the people have been out numbered with the over six hundred thousand Indonesian Police and military being deployed to Jakarta as 'reinforcements.'

Meantime, West Papuan leaders have reiterated the calls by Pacific leaders for Indonesia and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to finalize a date quickly for a special mission to investigate the alleged human rights abuses there.

Mr. Jeffrey Bomay says are calling for an external round table discussion with the Indonesian Government facilitated by the United Nations.

Mr. Bomay says similar talks have been held in the past with no good outcome and they demand for a difference now.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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