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All- Female PNG Police Detective Training

Papua New Guinea Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Administration Joanne Clarkson will officially open an all-female detective training program on Monday at the Police Training College at Bomana in the National Capital District.

It’s being delivered under the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership model of utilizing both Australian Federal Police and Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary trainers.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Clarkson said this is the fourth detective training program since 2018 under the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership (PNG-APP) but importantly it is the first ever all-female detective training program being undertaken in the country.

Ms Clarkson said this program was the initiative of Detective Chief Sergeant Fiona Kakarere who is an integral part of the Investigation Training Team at the Bomana Police Training College.

In June 2019, Fiona with the assistance of the PNG-APP made a submission to the RPNGC Executive for an all-female program to be delivered.

This was supported by the RPNGC Executive in line with the organization’s support on gender equality.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Clarkson said this is by no means discriminatory but intended to reduce the current imbalance in the number of female police detectives within the police force, adding of the last four courses women only accounted for 14 per cent of the attendees.

The Detective training is an intensive seven-week program and has been designed to enhance participants’ knowledge on current PNG legislation, RPNGC investigative policies, procedures and practices, and to provide comprehensive training on various aspects of investigation management.

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