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Drive with Care : Police

Police in Lae city have called on road users and drivers to drive with care. This call was made while attending to a  careless driving accident in the city.

A PMV coaster bus and a security vehicle at Speedway Lae City collided leaving the occupants from both vehicles suffered severe injuries and were rushed to hospital.

A Sector Response Unit 103 was on its normal patrol when it approached the accident few minutes later and had to secure the scene from by standers wrecking/looting the two vehicles.

Police have also warned that  when drinking, bring your beers home and avoid drinking whilst on the road driving.  You might risk your life and also other road users.

To the public in Lae, when you see an accident of any sort, please diall our police emergency toll free 7090 3300.

If you can manage to get description and rego of vehicle and send to us through calls or whatsapp message, that would be a bonus to us, our accident squads (traffic) which will assist in the investigations.

Lets all work togather for a safer Lae City.

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