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PNG's Fourth largest city of Kokopo bans Betel nut and smoking

The East New Britain Provincial Capital and the fourt largest city  of Kokopo has imposed a total ban on chewing betel nut and smoking in public places in town.

The ban came into effect this week.

Town authorities have also removed designated chewing and smoking zones within town saying the privilege has been abused by betel nut street vendors.

Those caught selling and chewing betel nut or smoking in public areas or in vehicles within the town will be fined 100-Kina.

Kokopo Town Manager Freddy Lemeki said people have not been mindful of their rubbish and betel nut spittle which forced the authorities to enforce the total ban.

Mr Lemeki said people wanting to chew or smoke should do so in their respective premises or homes.

However, the betel nut will still be sold within the Kokopo Market.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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