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Police orders US citizen to leave Bougainville

DEPUTY Police Commissioner and Chief of the Bougainville Police Service (BPS) Francis Tokura said that an American citizen was ordered to leave Bougainville yesterday for illegally entering the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
The US citizen identified as 67-year-old Entrikin James Manning, entered Bougainville via the Solomon Islands on his sailing boat without any proper documentation. Following complaints by people in Arawa members of the BPS and the regional police assistance mission engaged in the Bougainville Referendum security operations picked him up.
“We picked him up to establish the legality of his entry and his reason for being in Bougainville. Though the Police interrogation process we confirmed that he did not have any valid travelling documents and did not come through any legal entry points in Papua New Guinea.
“We cautioned him and ordered him to go back to the Solomon Islands immediately,” Mr Tokura said.
He said because of the closeness of Solomon Islands and Bougainville a lot of illegal immigrants were coming through from the Solomon Islands.
“I am appealing to Bougainvilleans to report any sighting of foreign vessels or foreigners immediately so we can check and ensure that they have legally entered Bougainville especially during this referendum period,” Mr Tokura said.
He also indicated that Police have reliable information of foreigners coming into Bougainville to see certain individuals. He stressed that should any foreigner wish to come to Bougainville they must enter through Port Moresby with proper documentations.
“Port Moresby is the only legal entry point into Papua New Guinea and Bougainville,” Chief Tokura said.
He further called upon the Autonomous Bougainville Government to seriously consider border protection and national security.
“I am calling on the ABG to assist the responsible authorities to strengthen the border posts because Bougainville sits in a strategic location and can be the entry point for illegal activities if not properly monitored,” Chief Tokura concluded.

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