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Armed gunmen hijack Aircraft at Gasmata Airstrip in West New Britain Province

Papua New Guinea acting  Commissioner Operations confirmed that a light aircraft belonging to Tropic Air was hijacked by a group of eight men armed with firearms and machetes at about 11.30am this morning.
The aircraft was reportedly transporting cash from a logging operation when it was hijacked at the Gasmata Airstrip in th West New Britain Province.
The hijackers forced the pilot to fly and land at an old airstrip at Cape Matis, Arowe where they ransacked the aircraft of all its cargo and escaped by foot.
"The pilot safely flew back into Hoskins. I have sent the police helicopter "The Eye in the Sky" to help police in the West and East New Britain provinces capture the criminals," Acting Deputy Commissioner Yamasombi said.
Mr Yamasombi said this is a serious crime and police will do everyting within its powers to capture all the criminals involved.

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