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Air Niugini Warns of False Advertisement for Cabin Crew Recruitment and Training

Air Niugini has  advised the general public to be cautious about a false advertisement on social media for cabin crew recruitment training.
The airline says , an  advertisement, which uses the Air Niugini Logo and a fake email account airniuginihumanresorce@gmail.com is false as the national airline is not aware of this.

The airline is  appealing to the public to disregard this advertisement as it is not from Air Niugini and we strongly advise the public to be wary of such false information.
Furthermore, Air Niugini will not be liable for any commitments made by anyone in response to this advertisement.
The airline says  all their cabin crew recruitment is done through our Human Resource Department before any training is conducted internally.
Currently, there is no requirement for Air Niugini to recruit new Flight Attendants.

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