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Laziness will not be tolerated, says PNG PM Marape

“Our people must wake up from laziness and start putting money in their pockets through agriculture and business from next year onwards,” Prime Minister James Marape said.
He said this when addressing the people of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands last Friday at the National Park while launching several projects in the province.
Mr Marape said the government would not entertain laziness thus, the bulk of the population with land must start working the land and the government would be bringing the markets to their doorsteps.

“The food we grow is money, the land in which we farm on is money, our ways towards our visitors is money for tourism,” he said.
“We can see that in PNG, there are a lot of opportunities to harness and make money in different ways but in the last 10 to 15 years we’ve been blind and deaf thinking that we have gold, gas and oil only.
“We’ve been concerned about the money from the non-renewable resources and we’ve abandon our gardens.
“The government is putting programs in place that will benefit that majority of Papua New Guineans that are exposed to agriculture.
“Everyone must play its part in an economic sector so from the informal sector you can transform into the formal sector.”
Mr Marape also encourages parents to be responsible and ensure that their children were in school.
“A lot of people are getting angry with me for cutting out the free education however I want to make it clear that nothing in this world in free,” he said.
“The government with pay 63 per cent while parents must be responsible for coming up with the 37 per cent so in that way they’re not lazy.”
Mr Marape also encouraged citizens to stay away from marijuana and homebrew and grow fresh produce that will earn them money in the pockets.
He also challenged citizens interested in business to start up small businesses as the government would be putting K200 in banks for those are had a good record and were willing to run businesses.
“Today everyone has the desire to get money, even those that are considered as mentally ill, they will still get the money because they know the value of it,” he said.

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