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Wagambie lays out Policing Plans for 2020

The Commander of NCD/Central says this year, he is focused on cutting down on allegations against police.

Anthony Wagambie Junior is adamant to get back to basics of policing so that police personnel can win the hearts and minds of the community police work in.

He says he will try his best.

He also commended NCD Metropolitan Superintendent and Provincial Police Commander Central, all their Commanders and rank and file for the excellent work done over the festive period.

He says the planned operations by the two Commanders were executed well by all personnel.

Wagambie Junior says he is seeing a change in attitude and mindset by police personnel where respect for the public is being shown.

He also thanked the people of NCD and Central province for their cooperation and patience during the conduct of operations, especially at roadblocks.

He says despite minor incidences of drunken behaviour, all were quickly attended to by Police.

Commander Wagambie Junior also stated that they are trialling the Sector Patrol approach in NCD.

He says going into 2020, the command will be working closely with Metropolitan Superintendent NCD and PPC Central for all to provide plans and concepts to the stakeholders to advance their policing.

He wants to see a concerted effort in crime prevention, proactive policing and immediate responses to crime in an effort to lower the crime rate.

“We also want to engage more with the community and have them take ownership of law and order issues.”

“I also will be following up with NICTA on getting a short code for the Police Emergency Toll free number so that all telephone service providers will be able to access free calls to Police.”

“With the Police Operations room, we will look at enhancing their performance with provision of manpower and work equipment.”

“Currently we are trialling the Sector Patrol concept in NCD, it is not as big as I wanted it to be but it is being trialled and I must say I am impressed with the quick response and proactive policing being undertaken by the units involved,” he said.

He wants to see this being advanced even further and made permanent.

“This is the best approach to crime prevention and quick attendance to incidents. Our very active NCD Dog Unit and Mobile Squads have been providing support to the units involved.”

Plans are in place to have a similar plan for Central Police so that there is Police presence in the Distircts and he will be liaising with PPC Central and commence his visits to all Districts in Central Province.

He further says Central Province is vast, and they will be working closely with LLG Presidents, Open Members, Governor of Central and other stakeholders to roll out policing in the province.

“There are other plans which we will embark on as time goes by,” he said.

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