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PNG PM Marape responds To Call For 'Death Penalty' On Cop Killers

While the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape believes that killing of a policeman while on duty is a crime of the highest level, he says more discussions will have to made regarding the police commissioner’s proposal for cop killers to be put on death penalty.

PM  Marape says death penalty is already a law in the country, however, the police commissioner’s request will have to be thoroughly looked into.

In recent times, policemen deployed for duty, especially in the highlands of PNG, have been either killed or seriously injured by locals, prompting the Commissioner of Police to call for a harsher penalty on cop killers.

“Law is already there for death penalty, policemen or otherwise those who murder can be committed to death penalty by a competent court. But specifically if you attack a policeman who is on duty then that is an offence of the highest order in my view, that’s treason. Policemen represent the state, the defence and security of the state.”

Marape says he will be discussing this further with the Minister for Police and the Attorney General.

The comment comes following the recent killing of Mcgregor based policeman, young constable Timot Kavanmur, who was allegedly shot dead by illegal miners at Pogera, Enga Province.

FM100 News was told no arrests have been made as yet as police investigations continue.

FM 100 / PNG Today

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