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PNG Evacuates COVID-19 first Positive Case patient to Australia

The first and only positive COVID 19 case from Papua New Guinea  has been evacuated to Australia today.

PNG's Prime Minister James Marape confirmed this today, saying he flew out in good health and was physically fit.

He will be undergoing further tests in Australia.

Prime Minister James Marape says although its only one reported case, it doesn’t give the government the luxury to be complacent.

Marape says they are taking every steps necessary to do a retrospective check on his footprints in the country and the contacts he’s made so that they are brought into testing and given the clearance.

The PM says further details of these contacts testing will be made known in the coming days.

But he adds the government’s first and foremost strategy in this State Of Emergency is to assess if the coronavirus is present elsewhere in the country, thus stopping the movement of people from one province to another.

FM 100 / PNG Today

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