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Name Calling by O'Neill unparliamentary, says Powi

 Southern Highlands Governor William Powi says the name calling in Parliament by former prime minister Peter O’Neill was unparliamentarily.

Mr Powi said although he does not go on the Facebook and other social media, the name calling in Parliament is said to be a trending discussion, and therefore wants to put the record straight that he is not a corrupt person as alluded by the former prime minister during question time in Parliament on Thursday last week.

Mr Powi said during a media conference at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby yesterday when presenting K500,000 to support the Mendi Muruks rugby league team that he accepts being called a corrupt leader by Peter O’Neill as it reflects himself as that kind of person.

“Everyone in this country knows what sort of person he (Peter O’Neill) is. I have never sold this country and I have not created a deep hole in the economy of this country by creating a massive K5 billion deficit in the economy.

“I have not gone around the world to borrow money and sell the future of this country. I have not gone seeking for more loans in the pretext of building infrastructures to blind the people and get kick-backs or cut. I have never borrowed billions like the UBS loan to protect cronies and create mess for this country to be called corrupt.

“I am not a leader that inflates contacts to get kick back. I’m not a deceitful person with deceitful motives to sell this country.

“These are personalities of corrupt and dangerous people, people with evil heart and deceitfulness who have no heart and love of mankind and future of this country,” he said.

Mr Powi said as a national leader he saw the dangers and he would not continue to allow him to rule with such deceitfulness.

“He was a dangerous man so I had to come in and protect the nation on behalf of the people of Southern Highlands” Powi said.

Mr Powi said in the future, the name calling should not be used on another leader only if one is holy who has never deceit others.

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