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Northern Governor Juffa thanks Marape Government for K37 million Road Project

 Northern Governor Gary Juffa has thanked the Marape-Basil government for recognizing Oro through development projects under the Public Investment Program (PIP).

Governor Juffa said, apart from the annual provincial budgets, Oro provincial government has never received a major PIP project since he was elected governor in 2012.

“I would like to thank Prime Minister James Marape and the 

National Executive Council (NEC) for giving Oro its first-ever PIP Projects since 2012. 

It is sad, that political vengeance deprived Oro of any PIP projects and despite many submissions made year after year we never got any recognition,” said Juffa.

“Simply because we stood up against what was not right for PNG, nevertheless we persevered with many of you, fighting for a change and keeping our hope that one day a fair government would come to manage PNG fairly and not in a tyrannical manner but with compassion,”  said Governor Juffa. 

During the launching of roads in Popondetta recently Governor Gary Juffa said a total of K15 million (K5m each) was captured in the 2020 Budget for the three roads, Popondetta Town roads sealing, Kokoda Highway, and Afore (Arek) Highway upgrading. 

In the 2021 Budget, a further K4 million each was captured adding up to a total of K9 million each to be spent on the three roads respectively.

The Kikiri-Guna highway will also be upgraded with a K4 million captured in the 2021 provincial budget. 

Further to that, the Sohe District roads will be upgraded with a K5m captured in the 2021 Budget, he said. 

A total of K37 million will be rolled out for road projects in Oro this year and next year with other projects including the provincial headquarter building and others.

“This was a small event to mark our town roads maintenance project. But it’s a start and finally, we are not in the bush beyond the yard and the veranda but now actually sitting at the table. We should never punish our people because of politics. I am not using this to do a campaign and tell my people you deserve these projects, they are not just because elections are around the corner but because we finally have been heard and have a voice,” Juffa said.

Garry Juffa said 2022 was almost near and asked people to vote freely for their choice candidates adding the projects were not to be taken as a campaign platform.

NBC News / PNG Today

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