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Australian medical team, Covid-19 vaccines arrive in PNG

 A TEAM of three Australian Medical Assistance Teams (Ausmat) has arrived in Papua New Guinea today with first delivery of the Covid-19 vaccines, according to a statement from the Australian High Commission yesterday.

In addition to the arrival of the Ausmat specialists, the Royal Australian Air Force flight also deliver three mobile storage units, which will support the vaccine rollout, and five community tents, which will provide multiple functions including triaging facilities, reception centres and clinic spaces.

The flight included the first delivery of vaccines (AstraZeneca) for frontline health workers, with an initial rollout for the National Capital District.

Australia is working closely with Papua New Guinea to support the Government’s response to the recent spike in the Covid-19 cases.

The Australian government agree to provided assistance and is partnering with PNG on a comprehensive support package to help it respond to the crisis.

The specialists will work with PNG health authorities on infection control, triage and emergency management and public health measures.

The Ausmat deployees will follow quarantine arrangements agreed with the PNG Government.

Future priorities will be determined with PNG’s Government.

The Austmat team are:

Dr Mark Little (team leader) – emergency physician and clinical toxicologist;

Angela Jackson – emergency nurse; and,

John Piispanen – environmental scientist and Public Health specialist.

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