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Increase in murders in Port Moresby concerns authorities

Another killing was reported in Port Moresby Friday, as police express concern about an increase in killing and torture cases, in the space of days.

Port Moresby  . PNGfacts.com Photo

Pictures of a man at Badili are being circulated on Facebook this morning where  he was  chopped to death by two men.  

 On Sunday, a man was stabbed to death at Badili while two women were tortured and assaulted at five-mile - and on Tuesday, two children were stabbed to death by the suspect, who is their father. 

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu says there is no regard for human life, and police cannot allow situations like this to escalate.

He says, this is the capital city of the country and such inhumane acts cannot continue.

NBC / PNG Today

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