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New Zealand Supports Electrification Project in PNG's Enga Province

New Zealand High Commissioner, Mr. Philip Taula and the PNG Power  Limited's Managing Director, Mr Flagon Bekker have signed a funding agreement for the Enga Electrification Project, clearing the way for construction to commence on the Ramu grid extension.

The project is jointly funded by New Zealand and Australia under the five-nation PNG electrification Partnership. 

It was announced during the November 2018 APEC Leaders Meeting in Papua New Guinea.

The Government's of Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Japan Australia and the United States are working together through the P.E.P to assist PNG to meet its electrification target of 70% by 2030.

The K50-million  project extends the Ramu grid into Tsak Valley in the Wapenamanda District of Enga.

The project will connect up to 5,500 rural households, schools, health centres, government offices and businesses within 500 metres of the main transmission lines.

The PNG Electrification Partnership is delivering projects that provide sustainable and transformation change.

The project is aimed at expanding and improving the electricity grid, building institutional capacity, and strengthening policy and regulatory settings and providing clean energy to rural and remote communities.

NBC News / PNG Today

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