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Children Contracting COVID-19 Disease in PNG's Eastern Highlands

Eastern highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPA) in PNG  is seeing a troubling trend of children contracting the virus.

Twelve (12) children between 5 to nineteen years old have contracted the virus and are currently in isolation.

EHPHA CEO Dr Joseph Apa confirmed this with NBC Eastern Highlands.

The 12 children are among the 234 COVID-19 cases reported in September alone.

According to Dr. Apa, they’re now observing a troubling trend of young children contracting the virus.

Previously the virus was targeting 40 to 60 years old, however, in this third wave of the pandemic, children are now hospitalized with the virus.

Dr Apa also stressed that children can be healthy carriers and can pass to their parents at home.

Meantime, he says there is no other way to protect our children and ourselves right now, except getting vaccinated, with the compulsory wearing of masks, washing hands and maintain social distancing.

He says we all have to be vigilant about making sure we comply with 'Niupela Pasin' or COVID-19 protocols.

NBC News / PNG Today

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