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Numu Questions PNG Health Minister Regarding EHP COVID-19 Situation in Parliament

Alarming statistics of the COVID-19 cases and deaths in Eastern Highlands Province were revealed in Parliament this afternoon, in the space of a month. 

The Governor of Eastern Highlands, Peter Numu, told Parliament, there were a total of 215 admissions between 7th September and 10th October, out of which less than half have been discharged.

He says the total number of reported deaths is 73 - 42 of whom were admitted and 31 before arrival at hospital - among them three health workers and two police officers.

Mr Numu says the characteristics of this COVID-19 is totally different and aggressive, describing the situation as critical adding he has been receiving a lot of phone calls of many young people dying.

He questioned the Government, through Health Minister, Jelta Wong, on who is responsible to enforce measures to stop the transmission in the districts and provinces.

Mr. Speaker, we have seen measures coming out by way of papers at Waigani, but the actual enforcement pat of it is lacking. 

''And I wish to know from the Health Minister, at the provincial and district level, who is responsible for the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols as in my province I have seen non.

''Are those measures properly enforced or are they centralised in Waigani, '' said Numu.

Mr Numu also questioned if there is any insurance for frontline workers, funding for the roll-out of vaccines and who is responsible and whether there are any strategies to roll out the vaccines.

He says his Provincial Government has set aside K1.4 million to roll out the vaccine but needs more than that to cover the entire province.

Minister Wong in response says the measures are formulated at the NCC through a committee and are brought to the Controller for him to signs off on them.

Wong explains after the Controller signs off on them, they are being sent to the provincial Controller for them to partner with the provincial government to ensure the measures are implemented, said Minister Wong.

NBC News / PNG Today

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