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Staff of PNG's biggest Hospital stress out due to ever increasing COVID-19 cases

The staff of Papua New Guinea's biggest hospital , the Port Moresby General Hospital are under enormous stress as covid-19 cases spike. According to the head of the Port Moresby General Hospital, doctors and nurses are working overtime, attending to the big number of COVID cases.

Staff of PNG's biggest Hospital stress out  due to ever increasing COVID-19 cases . Photo by NBC News

Dr. Paki Molumi says fatigue and stress are taking over, with many staff working long hours to contain the surge in cases.

Speaking on NBC Radio's Dabai Show, Dr. Molumi says cases have tripled, but the hospital has sufficient Personal Protective Equipment and oxygen cylinders for patients.

Dr. Molumi further confirmed that Port Moresby General Hospital will reopen for normal services next week, after scaling down services, and only attending to COVID cases and Emergencies over the past week.

Meantime health authorities are urging the public to get vaccinated as COVID-19 is on the rise around the country and it's killing people on daily basis.

NBC / PNG Today

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