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PNG Dataco Limited Reduces Metro Fiber Connectivity Prices by 66 percent

PNG DataCo Limited today announced a huge price reduction for metro fiber connectivity services. The price reduction starts this month on 15th November 2021.

Announced by PNG DataCo Limited CEO Paul Komboi, OBE, the Point to Point (P2P) Metro fiber services price reduction is market-driven, especially where more and more customers are requiring data services delivered to customers’ premises on Fiber.

The reduced price is aimed at providing secure, reliable, and high-quality connectivity within metropolitan areas in the country and where fiber services is available. This is a transmission link connecting one Branch office to another or a Data Center/Recovery Site, Pop.

The unit price per month for the lower capacities will now be reduced from K145 Mbps per Month to K50.00 per Mbps (Megabits per seconds).

This is a 66 percent reduction in the wholesale price.

PNG DataCo CEO, Mr. Paul Komboi said “We are a wholesale service provider and so we hope that this huge price reduction will benefit the market to enjoy cost-effective, secure, and reliable connectivity over fiber optic Through our retail customers, the end-users need to directly enjoy the benefits of this price reduction passed on to them by their retail service providers.

“We are promoting growth and advocating for huge price reductions offered to retailers who need to pass some of that benefit to their customers.” Since the end of 2019, we have reduced internet pricing by over 50 percent and we are seeing the growth in usage of the internet across the country.

We believe that with the price reduction in the metro fiber connectivity, this should resolve the issue of ISP depending on wireless systems and start serving their customers with high quality and affordable fiber services. We expect to see growth in the internet and data usage as we allow retail service providers to now be able to provide end-to-end fiber services to their customer premises and even to residents in the public in various suburbs.”

PNG DataCo Limited is confident that using fiber is more secure and of high quality compared to other transmission mediums like wireless solutions within the metro areas. Using wireless links increases the risk of frequency interference and potential risks of intrusion and hacking. With the P2P Metro Service on Fiber Optic, we can assure the direct and indirect end-users of definite cost savings, more reliable, less risky, and faster and quality connectivity.

“Our product has existed but not at a much more reduced price like today. We are encouraging end-users to get connected and enjoy fiber speed.”

PNG DataCo Limited is determined to achieve the objectives of our Government in ensuring that the best digital technology is available to the ordinary people of PNG with the most affordable pricing and we will continue to pursue this objective.


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