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Juffa : PNG's Public Service System not working

The public service mechanism in Papua New Guinea  used to work very effectively just after independence with fewer natural resources.

However, at present, the country is producing so many natural resources from extractive to agriculture, fisheries and forestry but the public service system is not that effective, and basic vital services are not reaching the people, especially in the rural communities.

 Northern Governor Gary Juffa echoed these concerns when presenting the public sector reform and service delivery report in Parliament recently.

Garry Juffa is the Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery.

Juffa said the public sector system is the only option to deliver the most basic services and infrastructure to Papua New Guineans.

''The public sector system used to work so well at independence with far fewer resources, and something has to be made to improve the system rather than writing and debating,'' said Juffa.

Governor Juffa further pointed out that so far the public sector Reform committee have held six hearings to deliberate on the public sector system in which the committee has launched the four years stalked public service payroll audit that the nation has been crying out for so long.

Among the many things he said, once the stalled public service payroll audit is completed it will restore integrity back by cancelling ghost names and dealing with personalities on single positions.

Meantime Juffa said the current parliamentary committee on public sector reform intend to keep up the current momentum and recommended that this committee be made a permanent committee.

NBC News / PNG Today

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