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PNG Deputy Prime Minister Sam Basil dies in a nasty car accident

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Deputy Prime Minister and Transport and Infrastructure Minister and Bulolo MP, Sam Basil has passed on at around 11pm after a nasty car accident last night.

late PNG Deputy Prime Minister Sam Basil

Preliminary police reports say the vehicle Mr Basil was in was hit by another vehicle, causing the accident that left the Deputy Prime Minister unconscious till he passed on at the Bulolo hospital.

Sources on the ground say a local medical team were already working to revive him as soon as he was brought to Bulolo.

A doctor was also travelling with the Manalos Aviation team to Medivac Mr. Basil to Lae, but the mission was unsuccessful as he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to the NBC News,  the Member for Bulolo was on his way up to his electorate to prepare for his nomination, given that the National General Election writs will open on Thursday 12th May, 2022.

Late Mr Basil was said to be travelling in the company of two of his Close Protection Officers and a Media officer when the accident occured, hours before the issue of writs for the National General Elections.

The late Bulolo MP's passing now bring to eight the number of Members of Parliament, who have died in this Parliamentary term alone.

Word from Angau Hospital's Accidents and Emergency is that a police officer is also dead with others seriously injured.

The conditions of late Mr Basil's Protection Officers and Media officer, as well as that of those in the other vehicle involved in the accident is yet to be confirmed at this stage.

NBC / PNG Today 

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