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PNC Party's Woman Candidate, Rufina Peter wins Central Governor Seat

People's National Congress Party woman candidate Rufina Peter has unseated PANGU Pati's Robert Agarobe, making her the new Governor-elect for Central Province.

Rufina surpassed the absolute majority of  60,640 after the 20th exclusion of Nelson Saroa.

From Mr. Saroa's 25,551 votes, Rufina collected 6,779, making her to finish the race on the top spot with 62,361  votes.

Mr. Agarobe came in second with 58,917 votes.

Rufina Peter is the first woman to be declared in the 2022 National Election.

Outgoing Governor Congratulates his Successor

" Good evening my people of Central Province, it's been a very interesting five years of my life and a very challenging one as well. I have said a lot over the years so will not bore you with any more of it. 

Firstly I want to thank the people of Central province, Prime Minister James Marape and my fellow Pangu Party team members for all the support you have given to the people of Central Province during my first and last term.

 To my people, we do have a lot of very challenging issues that I tried addressing as best as I could however, the systems of government we have are not as accommodating as one would like to think to make things happen a lot quicker.

 I guess also my style of leadership and vision in rebuilding our political identity while simultaneously developing our province is not what our people envisioned and supports and so have rejected it outright and replaced it with another vision and leadership that Rufina Peter has presented to our people convincingly as shown by the ballot papers, an opportunity I gave to all our candidates by not campaigning and giving an opening to our younger and new leaders to present themselves well without any interference from me.

 For Team Agarobe and those who had the same vision I had and who voted for that vision and leadership, I'm very sorry from the bottom of my heart if I have let you all down however, we are a democracy and the majority have spoken. 

To my successor I congradulate you and wish you all the best, as your new job also comes with new responsibilities and new challanges. For gender equality you are a great replacement not only representing Central Province as a Leader but  also a leader for all the woman of png at the national level, as for our UNIQUE Central Province issues both POLITICAL and SOCIAL we can only wait and see for you to deliver as per your promise to our people and please dont forget to carry on the task of protecting our Land and our People.

 For me personally I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the five year leadership role you all accorded me and will forever be gratefull for as long as I live. I will now leave and retire peacefully and do the things that I always wanted to do but never had the Luxury of time.



 God bless Central Province and God bless Papua New Guinea.

Robert Agarobe, CSM, GCL.

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