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PNG Prime Minister's Post to become vacant after 4Pm today : Kwa

 There will be no Prime Minister and National Executive Council for Papua New Guinea after today- Friday, 5th of August, 2022.

PNG Justice Secretary Dr Erick Kwa told NBC's Election Talk Show "Make It Count" last night, that the country should know by next Tuesday, who the next Prime Minister will be. 

PNG Justice Secretary Dr Erick Kwa [Photo by NBC] 

''Technically when the writs are returned, there is no government that's why with the timings, we go the weekend and then Tuesday, so there is no big gap where there is no government, that is why we assume that they will exist in theory until Tuesday, Dr. Kwa explains.

The Governor General is expected to receive up to 90 Writs from the Electoral Commissioner, who will then decide which Party is invited to form the government.

This invitation is expected to be made over the weekend.

''According to the law, the party that has been invited must be given the first preference to nominate their candidate on Tuesday, and so on Tuesday the party that nominated its Prime Minister and a vote to be taken so we are hoping that on Tuesday by then we should be able to have a result after 10am, said Dr. Kwa.

 The process next Tuesday in Parliament will see all members sworn in first by the Parliament Clerk before a vote on the speaker will then take place.

The new speaker after meeting all requirements of appointment will then preside over the nomination of the Prime Minister and the voting process.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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