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PNG Opposition Calls on Police to act : Ban Social Media Platforms

 Papua New Guinea Opposition Leader Joseph Lelang is disturbed by the social media post, showing a picture of a young girl stripped naked and helplessly at the hands of hooligans up in Tari.

In a media statement, Mr Lelang is calling on the Government to ban social media platforms.

Mr Lelang being angry over this, says these culprits should be dealt with by the law immediately within 24 or 48 hours.

“Normalcy and morality no longer exist in this society. What kind of society are we trying to raise our future generation – why are we waiting this long, we need the police to act and apprehend these culprits,” he said this furiously.

He said the Prime Minister James Marape must put a stop to his never-ending jet – legging and stop and clean this anarchy in his province immediately.

Mr Lelang asked why criminals, murderers, rapists, terrorists and all these hooligans to be running around freely and holding the country to ransom. 

He said seeing this type of news was horrible to all decent citizens of this country.

“Can we have a review of the police force, its commander and rank and file to find out where the problem is or do we need an overhaul of the police hierarchy or what seems to be the problem here? 

Are politicians interfering too much into police operations in the country? This country needs to know?

What was posted on the Facebook by those criminals who abducted and raped the innocent young girl are cowards and I want the police to also tell the citizens what they are doing to capture these criminals?” Mr Lelang said.

Mr Lelang said the abduction of this young girl although can be a separate incident, it follows on from the abduction of the scientists Government paid ransom for their release.

He said these things are happening because people are sensing we have a weak government, a weak leadership in the Province and at the community levels.

He said the Prime Minister came out loud blazing and assured the country publicly when hostages were released that those hooligans will be arrested.

“What have we done to this date?” Mr Lelang said. Can the Police Minister come out and tell us?

Meanwhile, the Member for Kandrian Gloucester said there are a lot of rising and alarming problems instigated by social media, we are learning a lot of bad stuff on the internet that is corrupting our minds and our society.

Our kids’ minds are corrupted because they are thinking about what they are seeing on social media. 

“There is totally no control on the usage of social media and government must ban Facebook in the country.

We should not be talking about mainstream media; we must deal with the social media platforms because that is where all the problems seem to be coming from.

This is very destructive and distracting.  Government must ban the social media platforms. 

 Mr Lelang called on the Government to bring legislation before Parliament to ban social media platforms in PNG. They are very destructive, corruptive, and destructive to our nation and future generations.


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