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PNG's retired Major General Jerry Singirok: Sandline Hero to Hollywood Movie Pitch, Country Anxiously Waits for Pitch Result

Papua New Guinea's retired Major General Jerry Singirok recently returned from Los Angeles after pitching his book, "The Matter of Conscience," to seven Hollywood directors.

"Matter of Conscience" is a gripping and inspiring memoir by Jerry Singirok. The book tells the true story of Singirok's experience leading the Bougainville crisis in the 1990s when he defied orders to use military force against civilians and instead advocated for peaceful negotiations.

Singirok's bravery and moral conviction resulted in a ceasefire and paved the way for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Singirok's memoir provides a unique perspective on the Bougainville crisis and sheds light on the challenges of military leadership in the face of ethical dilemmas.

Singirok expressed his excitement about the possibility of his book being turned into a movie and stated that in two weeks, the country would know whether his pitch was good enough to secure a movie deal.

Singirok recited his book-to-screen pitch seven times to different directors during the pitching process.

The movie-making process in Hollywood involves several stages, including development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.

Each stage has its own set of tasks and personnel, from writers and directors to actors and editors.

The process can take months or even years to complete and requires significant financial resources.

Ultimately, the success of a movie depends on a combination of factors, including the quality of the story, the talent of the cast and crew, and effective marketing and distribution strategies.

He explained that the first process, the book-to-screen pitch, is now complete, and the second process will involve a commercial agreement that will determine whether his book will be adapted into a movie.

In two weeks, Singirok will find out which companies have chosen his pitch and whether his pitch is good enough to be offered a movie deal.

And the country waits anxiously for what could possibly be the history in making for the retired general and the people of Bougainville and PNG.

Photo Credit: MTSL / Expreneur Magazine / PNG Today

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