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Papua New Guinea to Support Pacific ICT for next two years

 The Papua New Guinea Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Hon James Marape is committed to supporting secretariat to facilitate the works of the Pacific ICT Ministers for the next two years until the Ministers meet again to deliberate.

PNG’s Deputy Prime Minister Hon John Rosso gave this assurance when representing the PNG Government during the opening remarks of the Pacific ICT Minister’s Dialogue recently at Apec Haus, Port Moresby.

DPM Rosso said with the theme “Smart Pacific – one voice: creating a digital future together for the pacific,” we acknowledge connectivity stretches beyond physical accessibility.

“The ongoing digital revolution has the potential to stimulate economic growth, expand the reach of public services, and empower communities,” DPM Rosso said.

He said it upholds the values of excellence, accessibility, and inclusiveness, guaranteeing that every resident of the Pacific Islands benefits from the advancements in technology.

DPM Rosso shared sentiments expressed by Prime Minister James Marape to support ICT realm in the Pacific.

He said the digital transformation we embark upon is genuinely all encompassing, enriching the lives of each and every citizen and community.

He also praises Hon. Timothy Masiu, Minister of Information and Communications Technology, for facilitating this discussion with the Marape-Rosso Administration’s full backing.

He further said this conversation serves as a symbol of the region’s goals, where the nations of the Pacific unite in harmony and use technology to create a better, more just future.

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