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PNG PM Marape Welcomes Franscesca Semoso to PANGU Party; Reasssures Bougainville of Continued Collaboration

Papua New Guinea   Prime Minister and Pangu Pati Leader James Marape has formally welcomed newly-elected Member for North Bougainville, Francesca Semoso to his party, as he reassured the people of Bougainville that his government would work with the new Member to develop her district and continue to address all outstanding issues of Bougainville. 

He said with the inclusion of Ms Semoso, Pangu Pati is “rock solid” with 55 Members of Parliament, who now make up nearly 50 percent of Parliament. 

PM Marape added that the decision to endorse a woman candidate was the party’s decision to promote gender equality in politics which could be seen in the last elections when Pangu endorsed the highest number of women among all the parties. 

The Prime Minister also thanked the people of Bougainville for believing in Pangu, and his party would return this by working with the new Member to deliver services to North Bougainville as well as continue to address outstanding issues, such as Bougainville autonomy and the matter of ratification. 

He said, “You have joined a very strong robust team of leaders who put our country first, knowing we belong to a party that knows that it has the greater responsibility in shaping the future of Papua New Guinea. 

“We know your agenda and your issue. We will continue to work with Bougainville to bring services to North Bougainville, complete the ring road around Buka Island, and fix the road from Kokopau to Buin.

“We will have some special consideration for your land, water desalination, and sea issues for your atolls. 

“For your number 1 issue, this is deeply rooted in the policy backrooms of Pangu Pati. We are processing this and look very much toward finding a solution for all of us. 

“Without preparing well, we cannot talk about the future. We will construct a better Bougainville and Papua New Guinea as we work toward the future,” said the Prime Minister.

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