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China Extends Hand of Assistance to Papua New Guinea in Time of Crisis

 In a gesture of solidarity and compassion, the People’s Republic of China has stepped forward to aid Papua New Guinea during a challenging period. A significant donation of humanitarian disaster relief supplies was received with gratitude in a ceremony attended by esteemed dignitaries and guests in Port Moresby.

China Extends Hand of Assistance to Papua New Guinea in Time of Crisis [Photo by PNGDF]

Among the notable attendees were His Excellency Mr. Zeng Fanhua, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Hari John Akipe, Secretary Defense and Chairman of the National Disaster Committee, and Colonel Jiang Tuan, Chinese Defense Attache (DA), alongside distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen.

Addressing the gathering, the Minister for Defense, representing the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG), expressed heartfelt thanks to the Chinese Government and its people for their generosity and unwavering support during times of crisis and uncertainty.

Acknowledging the symbolic importance of the donation, the Minister emphasized its role as a beacon of international cooperation and unity in the face of adversity. He stressed the importance of efficiently utilizing the relief supplies to uplift affected communities and foster resilience.

The Minister extended sincere appreciation to all involved in the coordination and delivery of the relief supplies, recognizing their dedication and hard work in facilitating assistance to those in need.

The Minister reaffirmed the Government of Papua New Guinea's deep gratitude to the Chinese Government and its people for their support and solidarity during this challenging time.

The ceremony concluded with warm expressions of gratitude and blessings extended to the People of China and Papua New Guinea, symbolizing the strength of friendship and cooperation between the two nations in times of crisis.

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