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PNG Prime Minister O’Neill condemns agitators behind UPNG confrontation

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has condemned agitators responsible for instigating a violent confrontation on the UPNG campus today.

The Prime Minister has further announced that an inquiry will be undertaken to determine the underlying reasons for continued student unrest promoted by individuals outside the student body.

The inquiry will also seek to uncover the source of external funding that has underwritten student protest in recent weeks.

“This protest and the factors that led to the incident today have been driven by people who are not students,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is now a law and order issues. We must obtain the facts and ensure this does not happen again in the future.

“I call on parents to be calm and speak with your children who might have been on campus today. People around the nation, parents, provincial and district administrations and importantly, the majority of students who simply want to go to class have had enough.”

“Now students must go to class and complete their studies for this semester.

“Those who were already failing their classes and were hoping to have the semester suspended will have to face the consequences of their low grades.

“To the students, I remind you that your parents, and in many cases, your districts, provinces and our Government have given you the privilege of an education. You need to respect this opportunity and complete your education so that you can contribute to society.

“I have heard your petition and given my response, that is the end of the matter.

“I also call on student leaders to be responsible and ensure that your conduct is not in breach of the law and the Constitution.”

PM O’Neill cautioned the members of the public should not to be misled by rumor that is circulating and only rely on facts.

“The facts relayed to me are that a small group of students were violent, threw rocks at police and provoked a response that came in the form of tear gas and warning shots.

“The factors that led to students being injured are yet to be ascertained.

“Following the altercation five individuals presented to Port Moresby General Hospital and all are in a stable condition.”

The Prime Minister said the blatant politicization of students by members of the Opposition and their supporters is deplorable, and individuals who are found to have committed criminal acts will be prosecuted.

“The people behind these protests have political agendas. Members of the Opposition have been engaging with students, and have been encouraging them to pursue Opposition demands in relation to DSIP funds for Opposition Members and calling on me to step aside.

“Opposition Members even made claims in the National Parliament that students were killed when they knew this was false.

“The blood of the injured students is on the hands of those members and their supporters.

“The criminal elements involved in this incident will further feel the full force of the law for their involvement in what has transpired.”

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