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Belden Namah and the Oppostion
Press Conference Transcript
Belden Namah: PNG Opposition Leader

I want to make it known to Papua New Guinea. This press conference is to put to the people of Papua New Guinea facts surrounding the mystery jet that arrived into Papua New Guinea on the 17th of this month. There are facts surrounding the issue Papua New Guinea needs to know that I need to make clear to Papua New Guineans including the foreign community. 
Who is actually the big fat liar in this whole situation? I made myself very clear on Thursday. As I entered the arrival and departure VIP lounge at the international terminal, I saw the Foreign Affairs Minister for Papua New Guinea Hon. Rimbik Pato, the State Own Enterprise Minister and Hon. Ben Micah. In their company was the Foreign Affairs Minister for Vanuatu.
If Ben Micah is denying that he was not there then I must have seen his ghost. 
You know it is really sad when senior Ministers, it is really sad when we see the Prime Minister of this country telling lies to the public, to the people of this country. Just read the front page of Post Courier. The Prime Minister is saying that he denies any involvement with the Vanuatu Foreign Minister. But the Vanuatu Foreign Minister is saying the O’Neill government invited him. 
Therefore, who is telling the truth and who is telling lies? For me obviously, Ben Micah is telling lies.
For me also, Peter O’Neill is telling lies because he was seen in the morning before the departure of the jet having breakfast with these fugitives at Airways Hotel in the company of Air Niugini CEO 
These are facts. 
My office contacted the United States Embassy today to find out if there was any formal invitation or formal appointment for Vanuatu Foreign Minister and his delegation to visit the US Embassy in Papua New Guinea. The US Embassy denies any such arrangement. My Appeal to the people of PNG is that we have to now seriously think about how this country is being run. 
All you have to do is take 3 pictures and put them on the wall.
The picture of Peter O’Neill, the picture of Belden Namah and Ben Micah and check their history. Who has been telling lies and who has been in the centre of many controversial deals in this country and you’ll find out who is telling lies and who is telling the truth. This government has made bad decisions in the last 6 months. They will continue to tell lies to the citizens of this country. That is why we have called this press conference to tell the people of PNG that we have liars in the current government. 
You charge for yourself, you check who is Peter O’Neill, you check who is Ben Micah, You check who is Rimbik Pato and you check who is Belden Namah. And then you check, who is Tobias Kulang, who is Dr Allan Marat, who is Sam Basil, Francis Potape and member for Lufa, MP for Goilala and Governor for Madang including the rest of the opposition MPs.
We have nothing to hide. A criminal will always tell lies until he ends up in jail and he will always tell lies in jail. Those who tell the truth, truth will always prevail. 
I as the Opposition Leader condemn the handling of such a sensitive issue because I believe such an issue was improperly handled by this government. If I was PM, I would impound that particular jet. I would not let it fly out until the investigations were fully and comprehensively completed. 
The plane was released in the pretext of preliminary investigations. If you look at it, and read between the lines, everybody are being coached on what to say from the Foreign Affairs Secretary to the Police Commissioner, even to Commissioner Customs to Air Traffic Control Service. 
I believe some of you may have picked up the flight plan that was approved, and I made mention of it the day before yesterday.
That particular flight plan was meant for the 16th of January, however the telex only got circulated on the 19th, if you are an investigator, if you are an intelligent guy, you will see and pick it up straight away why the telex was circulated on the 19th but the date for the flight plan to be approved was on the 16th of January 2013. 
Nobody knew that the flight was coming in. If it were approved on the 16th of January 2013 then CAA would have been made aware. There would have been people waiting on the tarmac to receive it.
However there was no one receive the plane, except one customs officer who was there to receive the plane. Interestingly, it was cleared by a few suspicious guys. Papua New Guinea is now being used as a land to do criminal activities especially transnational crimes. You don’t have to look far, the Djoko Tjandra issue is not over. The Prime Minister has not come out clearly to the people of PNG about what he has done. All he says is that he is doing an investigation. When are you going to reveal the findings of those investigations? I made it very clear if I was PM, I would revoke the citizenship straight away and ask him to go through the proper process again. I also made it very clear that the guy was given citizenship under a different name, Joe Chan. 
I would also like to make it very clear to our citizens, if you look everywhere in the country there are illegal aliens on the street. Running tucker shops, doing businesses that our Papua New Guineans are supposed to do because its being entertained. Not only by bureaucrats, but also by Government Ministers supposedly leaders of this country. 
I warn again that we are going to become a ‘banana Republic’ if this is the way the Government chooses to follow.
The Australian Government must be also alerted that Papua New Guinea could be used as a launching pad for terrorist activities in Australia because the leader of this country is not security sensitive. We have issues at the border that have not been properly addressed. Indonesians are coming through the 10-kilometre buffer zone. 
This current government does not know how to address our national security issue. Our citizens have been arrested, their houses burnt down from Western Province to Sandaun Province. I see no major statement from the Prime Minister. There is no statement from the foreign affairs minister.
In other countries, such incidents of national security is handled by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Defence Minister including the Police Minister to investigate and determined the next course of action. If we are going to turn a blind eye on our internal security then I want Australia to know and be warned that Papua New Guinea could be used as a launching pad for terrorist activities.
And as the Opposition, it is our duty to ensure that our citizens are protected from all these aliens, fugitives including terrorist activities. It is about time we build institutions like the Defence force. We must provide our security agencies the appropriate funding, that will sufficiently build their intelligence capabilities. We build the police force, give them sufficient funding to build their intelligence and security capabilities. The National Intelligence Organisations seems to be feeding from country second hand information. 
It seems our country is somewhat asleep while the leaders indulge in corruption. The security of our people is very important; the safety of our people must always be priority because when it filters through the system it has a positive effect on industries like Tourism. 
Foreign Investment is vital to the progress of any country and so is security. They ride on each other. How can we prosper without security both internally and externally? How can we guarantee safety for our citizens? And what about Foreign Investors security?
We can boast about our natural resources in the country, but it will be gone and wasted. Let me make it very clear again; all Papua New Guinea needs to do, is paint the pictures of the names mentioned including mine on and check against them on who is telling the truth and who is telling lies.
Only then can Papua New Guineans conclude as to who are the fat liars in this particular case. 
Thank you.

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